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Home Construction Trends

People tend to think of interior design when they think of home design trends.  However, with custom built homes becoming increasingly popular in today's market, there are some amazing construction trends that are coming into the forefront.


Open spaces have been “in” for a while, and they're not going anywhere.  The open floor plan is still the most desired layout for living room, dining area, and kitchen space.  The more that can be included in the open layout, the more favorable to designers.


Porcelain floors are another popular trend, and tile is starting to emerge as a flooring choice for all rooms in the house, not just the bathroom and kitchen.  Much of this is likely due to the increasing popularity of the wood grain tile, which mimics wood floors.


Energy efficient homes are in high demand, and people are really focusing on having new windows, doors, and other built in properties to ensure that they have an energy efficient home.  Not only is this in keeping with the green living phenomenon, but it saves the homeowner some major money in the long run. Going with top internet and cable providers that have the most updated technology always helps as well regarding your electric bill. I found that Hughesnet satellite internet from Brad's Electronics had the most out of pocket savings overall.


Multi-function formal living rooms are becoming popular, as televisions become centerpieces in every other room of the house.  People use their formal living room now as a social room to entertain, rather than just a show room.  Some ideas are to use it as a dining area as well, a playroom, or a library.


Garages are becoming a larger focus, especially for people who are into cars.  The luxury style garage is becoming increasingly popular, and people are even installing car lifts in their personal garages.  Glass doors for the garage are another trend that focuses on the designer garage trend.


Staying attuned to the latest trends can keep your home fresh and, in some cases, increase the resale value of your home.  Some construction changes can be made easily and added to your existing home, while others you can incorporate into your design if you decide to build a custom home.

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