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Atrium Ideas for Your Home

The state of Florida has beautiful botanical gardens, and this inspiration is currently making its way into people's homes.  Atriums in the home are constantly emerging in custome home design, especially in the state of Florida.


There are a lot of trends in design when it comes to atriums.  How you decorate your atrium will reflect your design personality.  Most people who add an atrium like the space because it gives them an outdoor feel, it's relaxing, and it provides a beautiful addition to any home.


If you prefer a meditative and minimalistic style, a Zen garden is the perfect setup for your atrium.  All you need is some gravel, larger stones, and some type of water feature if you like.  An expert like a gardener should be able to help you set up and create the perfect Zen garden for your home.


Others prefer a full, lush atrium with jungle like assets.  For this type of atrium, bring in tropical plants, lush greenery, and exotic animals such as lizards and parrots.  You can even include a vertical greenery wall.


Another popular option is to create a patio style atrium.  Using tile that looks like wood, create a floor and a retaining wall.  Plant a garden and some trees behind the small retaining wall, then add a fire pit and some patio furniture for a relaxing and social atrium style.


Some homes even use a small, non-access atrium.  Instead of the above options, where you are immersed in the atrium when you decide to walk through it, this is mostly enclosed and acts as more of a room centerpiece.   It adds an extra element of design to your home, without having to worry about utilizing a large space.


The home atrium allows for a comfortable area with ideal temperatures that still feels like you are in the outdoors.  New homes are adding these more and more, since their relaxed and social atmosphere appeals to homeowners and is sure to dazzle your guests every time.


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