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Signs of Termites in your Home

Termites can cause severe damage in your home.  Florida has multiple high risk areas for termites, so knowing how to spot them is important.  If you can stop them early enough, you can stop the issue before it causes permanent destruction to your home.


Florida tends to be a breeding ground for termites because of its warm, moist climate.  The four common types of termites in Florida are the subterranean, dampwood, drywood and conehead termite.


There are some surefire ways to know if you have termites in your home.  One of the most obvious signs is that you'll begin finding termite wings around the house.  You might also see piles of dirt or dirt buildup where dirt would not normally gather.  You can also check for weak, warped, or collapsing wood.  Feces with a pellet-like quality are a sign as well.


To get rid of termites, you should call an exterminator.  Disturbing the termites could make the matter worse if you do not have the expertise.  However, prevention is the best way to fight termites.  If you move the builder will sometimes have relationships with companies that will treat the wood. Local movers in Tampa, Brothers EZ Moving, recommended a local business to all their clients that they helped move in the past if needed.  


Other recommendations to prevent termites include keeping plant life separate from your home, and making sure areas where water gathers are cleaned regularly.  Keep shrubs and plants a good distance from your walls and store firewood in an area separate from your home.  Make sure your plumbing is in working condition and not leaking, and keep your gutters clean and flowing properly.


Knowing what to look for when it comes to termites can save you irreparable damage to your home.  Having the knowledge to prevent termites is essential to protect your house from the serious effects these pests can have long term.  




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