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Why Build a Custom Home

Building a home from the ground up is a dream of many Americans.  The idea of designing one's own home is appealing, but the expense of outsourcing several contractors and an architect can be overwhelming.  


Thankfully, there are now companies that take care of everything when it comes to designing and building your home.  These are custom home builders, and they serve as a one stop shop to help you build your dream home.


When you choose a custom home building company, they are contracted to build you a home on your land.  You will sit down with a professional designer, who will show you a number of available custom options.  


You can choose everything about your custom home from the floor plan to the exterior finish.  This allows you to customize your own home without starting from nothing.  Your designer will be able to give you ideas, suggestions, and options.


There are several reasons that you may decide to build a custom home.  When you build a custom home, you can design it to fit certain specifications.  You can design it to accommodate a growing family, make it easier to live with a disability, fit to an unusually shaped piece of land, and much more.  


For example, if you wanted big walk in closets, that would typically be found in a larger home.  But if you customize and build your home, you can have your large closets and still keep a smaller home if you wish. You can get everything that you need, without compromising and taking things you don't need. That is the power of customization.


Having a brand new custom built homes also means that everything from the ground up is new.  That means the latest developments in design and building materials.


A new home is energy efficient, will most likely give you a good amount of time after purchasing where no repairs are needed, and is designed to your specifications, so you do not have any major modifications or remodeling in your immediate future.  


Because of this, a new home becomes a one time expense, rather than a series of investments and expenses to try to create a new home out of an existing property.


Building a home can take some time, but with the growing number of furnished apartment rentals available, it is now relatively easy to find temporary housing while you wait for your home to be built.  


This gives you the freedom to look for the perfect area and the neighborhood you want, so that you don't need to find a location and home you like at the same time.  You can search for a lot in your desired area, and then build the perfect home to match!


Building a custom home has several benefits for the homeowner.  Creating your own home based on your needs can give you more freedom of choice, a voice in your design, and more access to the locations you want to live in.  

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Shawn L said...

Many large home builders have a range of floor plans that can be customized as well. What my wife and I like on paper was quite different than we had imagined when we walked a similar floor plan. It was good for us to walk a model home and get elements we liked. We ended up customizing our home through D.R. Horton http://www.drhorton.com/Florida/East-Florida
and are super happy with both the house and the process.

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